Men's muscle up package

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Do you want to pack on some serious muscle mass? If your answer is YES, this package is perfect for you! 

The Men's muscle up package is designed to put you into that calorie surplus to provide your body with all of the needed nutrition to build serious muscle mass.

Meals can be picked up twice a week fresh from our stores. Every Monday and Thursday.

With our updated packages we offer these amazing sauces to compliment your meal! 

Number of meals will be adjusted according to the option that you have chosen.

*Please leave any allergies and preferences in our ''Special instruction to seller'' box at the checkout cart 


Weekly Menu

Calories Based on 200g protein Portions




(200g) Chicken Breast (200g) Pasta Salad (1000 island sauce)
= 670 Calories

(200g) Chicken Breast (150g) Sweet Potato Mash (150g) Baby Marrow
= 475 Calories

(200g) Extra Lean Mince (150g) Basmati (150g) Green Beans
(Chutney sauce)
= 470 Calories

(200g) Extra Lean Mince (150g) Roasted Paprika Sweet potato (150g) Broccoli (Sweet Chill sauce)
= 424 Calories

(200g) Rump (150g) Potato Wedges and (50g) Spinach
= 402 Calories

(200g) Rump (150g) Mash and (50g) Corn (BBQ sauce)
= 443 Calories

(200g) Chicken Breast (150g) Couscous and (50g) Butternut (Sweet Chili sauce)
= 560 Calories

(200g) Chicken Breast (150g) Sweet Potato Mash and (50g) Peas and Corn
= 502 Calories
(200g) Extra Lean Mince (200g) Spaghetti bolognese (Tomato and Onion sauce)
= 588 Calories

(200g) Rump (150g) Potato wedges and (150g) Country Mix veg (BBQ sauce)
    = 422 Calories