Women's Lean muscle Meals

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The women's lean muscle package is made for you girls that's satisfied with your body fat percentage and want that extra calories in your diet to be able to pack on muscle mass and have a lean, toned look! 


Each meal will consist of 120g protein 80g carbs and 80g of vegetables. 


  • 10 * Steak Meals
  • 10 * Chicken Meals 
  • 10 * Lean Mince Meals


This is THE BEST nutrition profile to reach your Lean Muscle goal.


*If there are any types of meat or side dishes that would not be prefered in your meal package or any allergies please leave a comment in the Special instructions to seller box.


Please Allow 3 - 4 Business days Lead time until your meals are received as we produce are meals fresh upon your order! 


The package will consist of an assortment of the following meals! 
*Calorie count based on 120g protein portions


3*(120g) Chicken Breast (80g) Pasta Salad (80g) Baby Carrots (1000 island sauce)

= 367 Calories

    3*(120g) Chicken Breast (80g) Sweet Potato Mash (80g) Baby Marrow

    = 290 Calories

      3*(120g) Extra Lean Mince (80g) Basmati (80g) Green Beans (Chutney sauce)

      = 285 Calories

        3*(120g) Extra Lean Mince (80g) Roasted Paprika Sweet potato (80g) Broccoli (Sweet Chill sauce)

        = 278 Calories

          3*(120g) Rump (80g) Potato Wedges and (80g) Spinach

          = 273 Calories

            3*(120g) Rump (80g) Mash and (80g) Corn (BBQ sauce) 

            = 329 Calories

              3*(120g) Chicken Breast (80g) Couscous and (80g) Butternut (Sweet Chili sauce)

              = 341 Calories

                3*(120g) Chicken Breast (80g) Sweet Potato Mash and (80g) Peas and Corn

                = 334 Calories

                  3*(120g) Mince (120g) Spaghetti bolognese (Tomato and Onion sauce)

                  = 353 Calories

                    3*(120g) Rump (80g) Potato wedges and (80g) Country Mix veg (BBQ sauce)

                    = 305 Calories