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Men's Weight Loss Package

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To lose weight, maintaining a calorie deficit is essential, and our Men's Weight Loss Package guarantees just that. With this meal plan, you'll enjoy quality, tasty meals designed to deliver the weight loss results you're seeking.
40G Protein, 25G Carbs and 9G Fats, all within a 350-calorie serving.

The Men's Weight Loss menu is as follows each package contains an equal amount of the following meals:

  1. A-Grade Rump Steak, Boereboontjies and Roasted Sweet potato
  2. A-Grade Rump Steak, Quinoa and Stir Fry
  3. A-Grade Rump Steak, Sweet Potato Mash and Broccoli
  4. A-Grade Rump Steak, Wholewheat Spaghetti and Butternut
  5. BBQ Shredded Chicken Fillet, Brown Basmati Rice and Butternut
  6. BBQ Shredded Chicken Fillet, Roasted Paprika Sweet Potato and Broccoli
  7. BBQ Sliced Chicken, Quinoa and Roasted Vegetables
  8. BBQ Sliced Chicken, Spinach and Peas and Corn
  9. BBQ Steak Strips, Honey & Soy Stir Fry and Roasted Vegetables
  10. Honey & Soy Shredded Chicken Fillet with Sweet Potato Fries and Roasted Cauliflower
  11. Lean Mince Wholewheat Pasta and Peas & Corn
  12. Lean Mince, Baby Carrots and Green Beans
  13. Lean Mince, Brown Basmati Rice, Sweet Corn and Baby Carrots
  14. Lean Mince, Coleslaw and Sweet Corn
  15. Lean Mince, Sweet Potato Mash and Cinnamon Roasted Butternut
  16. Lean Mince, Wholewheat Pasta, Roast Vegetables
  17. Lemon & Herb Shredded Chicken Fillet, Roasted Cinnamon Butternut and Broccoli
  18. Lemon & Herb Shredded Chicken, Spinach and Roasted Vegetables
  19. Sliced BBQ Chicken, Gem Squash and Mixed Vegetables
  20. Sliced BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potato Mash and Country Vegetables

Our Breakfast Meals consists of a Cream of Rice Breakfast Porridge. The combination of Rice and Oat powder provides a great slow releasing carb to keep your blood sugar levels consistant for longer. For more info click here - Breakfast Meals Page

Unfortunately we do not allow changes to our pre-set packages. This following link will take you to our build your own meal plan option. 😁

Build your own meal plan

Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Tilana Meintjes

BBQ Sliced Chicken, Quinoa and Roasted Vegetables

Bradleygriffiths8@gmail.com Griffiths
Great food, great value for money!

Food arrived on time and the small issue we had was solved within minutes. Food is very tasty and worth the price. Will be ordering again.

Keiran Polyblank
Stunning stuff

I'm very impressed so far I haven't had a meal I didn't enjoy and the delivery time was unmatched while they keep you up to date with the delivery

Stephan van Vuuren
really works

I'm enjoying the food. The taste is good and nice variety. I've lost 3,5kgs in the last 5 weeks. Super convenient for me, I'll keep on using it.

Grant Hendriks
Fantastic Service and Delivery

Fantastic service and delivery. Food is great and really helping out with Prep and eating right! will definitely keep using your products.