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Men's Lean Muscle Package

Regular price R 1,399.00
Meal Quantity
Breakfast Meals
If you aim to build lean muscle and lose body fat without the hassle of cooking, our solution is perfect for you!
45G Protein, 30G Carbs and 8G Fats, all within a 400-calorie serving.

The men's lean muscle menu is as follows each package contains an equal amount of the following meals:

  1. A-Grade Rump Steak and Pasta Salad
  2. A-Grade Rump Steak, Boereboontjies and Basmati Rice
  3. A-Grade Rump Steak, CousCous and Roasted Vegetables
  4. A-Grade Rump Steak, Potato Wedges and Butternut
  5. BBQ Chicken Fillet, Basmati Rice and Roasted Vegetables
  6. BBQ Shredded Chicken Fillet, Couscous, and Butternut
  7. BBQ Shredded Chicken Fillet, Mashed Potatoes, and Spinach
  8. BBQ Steak Strips, Honey and Soy Stir Fry, and Basmati Rice
  9. Lean Mince and Fettuccini
  10. Lean Mince, Basmati Rice, Legumes, and Sweet Corn (Burrito Bowl)
  11. Lean Mince, Butternut, and Basmati Rice
  12. Lean Mince, Mashed Potatoes, and Sweet Corn
  13. Lean Mince, Quinoa and Butternut
  14. Lean Mince, Roasted Paprika Sweet Potatoes, and Green Beans
  15. Lean Mince, Samp, and Spinach
  16. Lemon & Herb Shredded Chicken Fillet with Italian Pasta Salad
  17. Lemon & Herb Shredded Chicken Fillet, Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash, and Roast Vegetables
  18. Sliced BBQ Chicken Fillet, Basmati Rice and Broccoli
  19. Sliced BBQ Chicken, Boereboontjies and Potato Wedges
  20. Sliced BBQ Chicken, Fettuccini and Stir Fry

Our Breakfast Meals consists of a Cream of Rice Breakfast Porridge. The combination of Rice and Oat powder provides a great slow releasing carb to keep your blood sugar levels consistant for longer. For more info click here - Breakfast Meals Page

Unfortunately we do not allow changes to our pre-set packages. This following link will take you to our build your own meal plan option. 😁

Build your own meal plan

Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
Haley Wilson
Easy, delicious, nutritious

I'm so chuffed with my FitFoodz - the delivery was quick (2 days after ordering), the food is delicious and tracking my calories is so much easier. We definitely recommend!

Dominic Giovannoni
Excellent value

Have been truly pleased with the quality & speed od delivery. Thank you

So glad I found FitFoodz!! Loyal customer for life!

FitFoodz has packages to cater to all your needs- I'm female, however, I started off with the Women's Weightloss Package (delicious and works like a charm), then I ordered the Men's Lean Muscle Package (also super delicous, filling and worked just as well for me) and now im awaiting the Mens Muscle Up Package (Bulking) as I'll be starting intense exercise again and will be needing the extra calories. I absolutely love that they have so many options to choose from dependant on your specific needs and the fact that it's so delicious makes getting into a healthy lifestyle such a breeze!! Nevermind how affordable it is, their free shipping promotions and how much time and dishes it saves😉 BEST COMPANY EVER!!

Eugene Claasen

Best pre packed meals i have ever had

Magdeleen Robinson
Bbq chicken fettuccine stirfry

Very good. Will order again