Women's Weight Loss Meals

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Do you want to drop a few jean sizes and lose a few kg's? If you answered yes, the women's weight loss meals is the perfect option for you!

This package is designed with very restricted calories that will help you get that calorie deficiency and put you in the best possible position to lose weight fast!


Each meal will consist of 120g protein 0-60g carbs and 100 - 120g of vegetables. 


  • 10 * Steak Meals
  • 10 * Chicken Meals 
  • 10 * Lean Mince Meals


This is THE BEST nutrition profile to reach your weight loss goal.


*If there are any types of meat or side dishes that would not be preferred in your meal package or any allergies please leave a comment in the Special instructions to seller box.


Please Allow 3 - 4 Business days Lead time until your meals are received as we produce are meals fresh upon your order! 


The package will consist of an assortment of the following meals!


3*(120g) Chicken Breast (75g) Roasted Paprika Sweet Potato and (75g) Beans

=301 Calories 


3*(120g) Chicken Breast (100g) Broccoli (50g) Potato Wedges

= 278 Calories


3*(120g) Extra Lean Mince (75g) Coleslaw (75g) Peas and Corn(120g)

= 317 Calories


3*(120g) Extra Lean Mince (75g) Butternut (75g) Country mixed Vegetables

= 240 Calories


3*(120g) Rump (50g) Sweet Potato Mash and (100g) Broccoli (Sweet Chilli)

= 257 Calories


3*(120g) Rump (75g) Green Beans and (75g) Sweet Corn

= 268 Calories


3*(120g) Chicken Breast (75g) Spinach and (75g) Roast Vegetables

= 254 Calories

3*(120g) Chicken Breast (50g) Brown Basmati Rice and (100g) Butternut (Chutney Sauce)

= 292 Calories

3*(120g) Rump (50g) Roasted Potato Wedges and (100g) Baby Marrow (BBQ Sauce)

= 250 Calories

3*(120g) Rump (100g) Baby Carrots and (50g) Sweet Potato(50g)

= 245 calories