Cream of Rice

Blueberry Cheescake

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Our Breakfast Meals consists of a Cream of Rice Breakfast Porridge. The combination of Rice and Oat powder provides a great slow releasing carb to keep your blood sugar levels consistant for longer. For more info click here - Breakfast Meals Page

Unfortunately we do not allow changes to our pre-set packages. This following link will take you to our build your own meal plan option. 😁

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Discover FitFoodz's Cream of Rice, your new go-to breakfast porridge. Made with a wholesome blend of 70% rice flour and 30% oat flour, this smooth and creamy breakfast is quick to prepare and perfect for busy mornings. Each serving is packed with slow-releasing carbohydrates to fuel your day and comes in a variety of amazing flavors to delight your taste buds. Enjoy the perfect balance of nutrition and taste with FitFoodz's Cream of Rice, the convenient and delicious way to start your day!

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Pretorius
awesomeness !

Really gr8 food and tastes amazing ! Fastest deliveries ever ;)

Lee- Anne Mc Manus
Looooove our food!!

Most convenient thing I have ever done. Having a little one, working mom and don't have time to meal plan this is soo convenient and oh my!! Super tasty food!! We actually miss it when we dont eat it over weekends.

Giovanna Ferreira
Too much fake sugar taste!

I don't really like this meal, the blueberries were sour and don't mix well. The meal tastes like sugar supplements (I think it's xylotil or something similar?) I really don't enjoy the taste or texture, there are no redeeming qualities.